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There are many types of movers that cater to all of your local Baltimore, as well as regional and cross country, moving needs.

Whenever you are in the market for a mover you will want to know the difference between them in order to be able to choose the correct Baltimore movers company.

The first one we mention, and the most obvious, are local movers. These movers can be found in every city and throughout its surrounding suburbs and other areas.

Many residential movers are small to medium sized companies that are privately owned. Many times they are family owned companies and this is good because families tend to work well together and value your possessions as their own, treating then with care and respect.

A local Baltimore movers company generally has one to two trucks and a bit more flexibility with scheduling compared to larger, long haul companies.

A quote is not always necessary with these types of movers as they will often charge by the hour, and that hourly price will include the manpower as well as the drive time.

Local movers specialize in home, apartment and office moves for your local area and they usually work much harder for you because word of mouth is much more important to their business than the big guys with a large advertising budget.

The other common type mover is the long haul moving company. These companies are good for any type of move that is regional, out of state, across the country and can even facilitate any overseas moving you might be doing.

With one of the larger companies your move and your belongings can be made with transfers or be delivered directly to the new locations. A transfer means that it will be moved from one truck to another as it makes it way to its destination.

These movers are great for long distances as most of the work, with the exception of packing and unpacking, are done by them and the driving, which can be a major strain for anyone attempting to move themselves, is part of the total cost.

For more specialized needs you will be able to research many different movers.

For example, while some movers claim to be experts in moving musical instruments such as pianos their claim may be just that, a claim. Pianos are fragile and expensive pieces of equipment and having a piano moving specialist will ensure a safe move, as well as storage, when needed.

Fine art, such as painting and statuary must be protected any time they are in transit and being moved. You will want to do a great amount of research to find the appropriate movers for this type of scenario. Many art dealers, as well as those who work in art museums, will be able to help with suggestions for this.

When you are making a move be sure to know consult with the moving company that best fits your situation for the best move possible.

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